Hire me

Let’s change the world together?

Why hire me?

I’m a software engineer with 10+ years of experience, with a technical leadership profile.

I have been helping companies and startups set up teams and build their products and services.

6+ years of experience working with ruby/rails projects.

What can I offer and help?

I can help you create or improve your company’s workflow;

I can help to create or expose your API, I have great experience in RESTfull API’s.

Help with continuous integration;

Experience with lean startup;

Great knowledge about agile development;

Worked with remote projects down from 2012;

Do you want to deploy home office in your company? I can help;

Some companies and startups I had the honor at work:

CompanyWeb, Digital Pages, Buscapé Company, WebPesados, Fundação Estudar, Walmart, WallJobs, Move2.

I’m currently available for hire on a temporary basis at your company or with your team.

Wanna talk about something? Want to hire me? Looking for a consultant? Say Hello.